Anne Marie (Kate Bosworth) is a surfer with the talent to compete on the professional circuit. Working as a hotel maid and sharing a beach shack with surfer girls Eden (Michelle Rodriguez) and Lena (Sanoe Lake), Anne Marie must overcome memories of a near fatal wipeout three years ago if she is to make an impression at the upcoming Pipe Masters competition.

An excuse for lengthy scenes of attractive young women in bikinis surfing.

Anne Marie, Kate Bosworth, lives in Hawaii and cares for her kid sister, Mika Boreem, who is growing up rather too fast. Anne Marie hangs out with her friends Eden, Michelle Rodriguez and Lena, Sanoe Lake; they all work as house-cleaners at a luxury hotel, and they all love to surf. Anne Marie is determined to participate in the dangerous Pipe Masters tournament, though she nearly drowned three years earlier when she tried it. Meanwhile she\'s distracted by visiting footballer Matt, Matthew Davis, but is he sincere, or just stringing her along?

Blue Crush
, directed by John Stockwell, is a latter-day Puberty Blues without that film\'s sense of humour, and it seems to be mainly an excuse for lengthy scenes of attractive young women in bikinis surfing those Hawaiian waves. The plot doesn\'t amount to much, and Michelle Rodriguez, who was good in Girlfight, is wasted in a nothing role here. Kate Bosworth shows talent both as actress and as surfer as Anne Marie, but it\'s a bit disappointing to see cinematic fakery obviously used in some of the surfing sequences.