Based on the novel by Stephen King, Misery tells the story of best-selling author, Paul Sheldon, who is on his way back home after finishing his latest novel. When he gets injured in a car accident, he's rescued by a woman, Annie Wilkes, who happens to be Paul's self-proclaimed number one fan, and takes it upon herself to nurse him back to health. However, after Annie reads through one of his manuscripts and learns that her favourite character is killed off, all hell breaks loose.

Kathy Bates gives a stunning perfomance as the oh-so likeable but oh-so malevolent Annie

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Margaret: It's basically a two-hander with Kathy Bates giving a stunning perfomance as the oh-so likeable but oh-so malevolent Annie, and James Caan is also wonderful as Paul. This is real escapist stuff, an hour and a half of getting away from it all. Rob Reiner does a slap-up job holding everything together very suspensefully. It's good entertainment.

David Stratton: It's more amusing than most other Stephen King books, I think it probably is the best adaption of a Stephen King book since Carrie.


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