A plane has crashed in the Rockies killing a leading biochemist. He was carrying the antivirus for a monster plague called chimera, and the hi-jacking of the antivirus and the plane crash were masterminded by one of Ethan Hunt`s (Tom Cruise`s) former colleagues Sean Ambrose (Dougray Scott). Ethan`s holiday hanging off a rock in Utah is interrupted to get him to go to Spain to contact Nyah Hall (Thandie Newton) she`s an expert thief and presumably they want her to catch the thief... but no - it seems Nyah was the love of Sean`s life - her mission impossible is to get back together with him and work to find the antivirus...This is one of those sweaty palm films where there`s tense action, a pounding soundtrack, dazzling stunts and even a romantic riff between our hero and his colleague. It`s John Woo`s film really, surely he`s the best in the game at this sort of action film, although Cruise`s sheer physicality in some of the stunt work is amazingly effective. Thandie Newton is a delightfully pert heroine. This is a genre film but it`s a genre I`m an absolute sucker for.