Jennifer Lopez plays Charlie Cantilini who at last has met the man of her dreams Dr Kevin Fields, Michael Vartan. Unfortunately his mother Viola, Jane Fonda, is not happy that her baby has found the love of his life. A renowned news anchor recently replaced by a younger model, Viola sets about sabotaging the relationship with the reluctant assistance of her P.A Ruby, Wanda Sykes. This picture flat lined for me even before it got through the opening credits. With flimsy characters, predictability plus and an almost non existent script, Monster In-Law perpetrates the ultimate crime against comedy. It?s not the least bit funny. The only highlight was the performance of Wanda Sykes who appears to have remained in character and come straight from the set of Curb Your Enthusiasm. At least they got one thing right - the title. This really was a horror of a movie to get through.