Moolaad? is set in a small African village. Four young girls fleeing ritual purification arrive on the doorstep of Coll? played by Fatoumata Coulibaly. Her reputation as a strong willed woman is known thought-out the village as she refused to allow her daughter to undergo the ritual. When she evokes Moolaad? a spirit that protects the weak, the village elders force her husband to beat her in public to break her will. It?s because of her defiance of authority and tradition that the community is forced to question this age old practice.This powerful film draws us directly into the heart of African village life. Vibrant cinematography captures the color and energy of the community, whilst the film?s relaxed pacing and strong characterization help us to deal with a disturbing topic. Sembene sensitively focuses on the strength of one woman and her ability to inspire change from within. Moolaad? is not only a thought provoking film but a reminder of how cinema can go beyond itself to become a vehicle for social change.