John Klein, Richard Gere, a top journalist with the Washington Post, is in the process of buying a house with his wife, Mary, Debra Messing. Life is good, but one wintry night, driving too fast on the icy streets of the capital, their car, which Mary is driving, crashes; before she dies, she is able to reveal that she saw Something, and she even draws what she saw – a sinister Angel of Death figure. Two years later, John is amazed to discover that he has driven 400 miles out of his way – without realising it – and is stranded in the West Virginia town of Point Pleasant. A local man, Will Patton, claims he’s knocked on his door before, and the local policewoman, Connie, Laura Linney, admits that strange things have been happening in town. John stays on, and gradually comes to believe that the town is haunted by the ghostly angel, or Mothman as reclusive Chicago author Alexander Leek, Alan Bates, calls it: something sinister is about to happen. The Mothman Prophecies is a supernatural thriller based, we’re assured, on real events, occurances that took place in Point Pleasant just before a disaster occurred in the little town, all of it chronicled in a book by John Keel, the character called John Klein in the film. But it’s one thing to base a movie on supposedly eye witness testimonies, and another to make it convincing. The ghost, the mysterious Mothman, is creepy enough, but its motives, in warning John and the people of Point Pleasant, about impending tragedy, remain frustratingly obscure. There are some fine, creepy moments here, but the film’s too long to sustain the suspense, despite good performances and an unusual storyline.