In a Shanghai slum nicknamed Pig Sty Alley, residents and business owners cower in the presence of a cruel landlady (Yuen Qiu), but at least take comfort from the fact that their poverty-stricken neighbourhood is largely left alone by the city's criminal gangs. All that changes when the notorious Axe Gang muscles in and begins a war that looks to have only one possible outcome. At first, the locals' only hope appears to be Sing (Stephen Chow), a small-time operator whose impersonation of an Axe Gang member sparked the trouble. As the battle heats up, it seems many martial arts masters have been hiding in Pig Sty Alley and their re-emergence gives the downtrodden new hope in the turf war.

A highly entertaining comedy where not one frame of film feels wasted.

There is something for everyone in this film, from humour to horror, music and mayhem. It's the ultimate Looney tune come to life. Veteran screen legend David Siu Lung, delivers a hilarious performance as the Axe Gang's secret weapon the Beast, and Yuen Qiu's Land Lady, will split not just your sides but possibly your ear drums, with her outrageous roar. Stylish sets and outstanding fight choreography merge seamlessly with CGI to deliver a highly entertaining comedy where not one frame of film feels wasted. Move over Jackie Chan! Martial arts have never looked so good.

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1 hour 35 min
In Cinemas 01 January 1970,
Thu, 01/01/1970 - 20