You wonder why Adam Sandler would take on one of Frank Capra?s classic movies, Mr. Deeds Goes To Town for a loose remake when he and screenwriter Tim Herlihy seem to have no trouble coming up with ridiculous scenarios of their own, but he did and he plays Mr. Deeds. Deeds runs a pizza shop in Mandrake Falls New Hampshire, he?s too doggone nice to be true, his ambition is to be accepted by Hallmark as a greeting card writer and once a week the town gathers to hear his latest effort. And then from New York City comes Chuck Cedar, Peter Gallagher, with the news that Deeds has inherited a fortune - $40 billion worth of stock in a long lost uncle?s media empire. Cedar?s anxious to relieve Deeds of his controlling interest in the company and whisks him off to New York to close the deal. Deeds is hot news and television host Mac McGrath, Jared Harris, sounding suspiciously like an Australian ? puts producer Babe Bennet, Winona Ryder, under pressure to get access to Deeds. This lame pic has a few moments of pleasure ? John Turturro as Emilio Deeds? manservant in New York, Steve Buscemi in a puzzling role as Crazy Eyes, and a cameo by tennis great John McEnroe. But even Sandler seems a bit defeated as Deeds and Winona Ryder is really disappointing as Babe. But the whole tone of the film is strange ? Deeds, instead of being a simple small town guy who?s actually is nobody?s fool, tends to viciously beat up people who run foul of him. There?s no charm to this film, no-one least of all director Steve Brill bothered to make any of the characters likeable.