Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are Jane and John Smith - on the surface, a happily married suburban couple. But behind closed doors, the spark has gone out of their marriage. Consulting a marriage counsellor, they realise that they don?t really know each other. In reality, both are hired assassins working for rival firms, and eventually find themselves in each other?s firing line.Screen writer Simon Kinberg was inspired by Hong Kong action films and it shows. Special effects and over the top stunts create some riveting action sequences. Jolie and Pitt?s chemistry on screen sizzles, overshadowing their supporting cast. Vince Vaughn who plays Pitt?s handler Eddie, appears to have wandered onto the wrong set. His character?s life style makes no sense in terms of his position. Mr & Mrs Smith is witty and entertaining but don?t expect a deep analysis on the Pitt falls of marriage. If love is a battle field this is War of the Roses with an arsenal.