Rick O`Connell - Brendan Fraser - is now blissfully and sensually married to Evie - Rachel Weisz. In fact they have a precocious 8 year old son Alex Freddie Boath. What they hadn`t bargained for is the determination of Anck-Su-Namun - Patricia Velasquez to reunite with her mummified lover of three thousand years ago - Im-Ho-Tep - Arnold Vosloo - in order to take on the equally old and equally dead Scorpion King - so that they can rule the world. The whole thing involves boxes that shouldn`t be opened, bracelets that shouldn`t be worn, poisonous snakes, man-devouring scarab beetles and the computer generated armies of the god of the underworld. Wouldn`t you know it, little Alex puts on the bracelet - there`s only seven days to find the pyramid in the oasis of Ahm Shere or he dies. Needless to say Mum, Dad and Uncle Jonathan - John Hannah - swing into action.......This is a two-hour action-packed romp, it doesn`t falter for a second. However the computer generated effects look like computer generated effects what`s happening to technology? I thought it was meant to be able to simulate a believable realism. Writer/Director Stephen Sommers delivers again to the popcorn crowd but not with quite the same degree of freshness or exhilaration that he did with The Mummy. He seems to have succumbed to his own formula, perhaps an irresistible temptation after the success of the original. He had an egyptologist as adviser on the first, it looks like he decided to save the money on this.