Five contestants are sought for a reality webcast. They have to spend six months in a house in the middle of nowhere, each will win $1 million if they last the distance but if just one walks they all lose. Cut to the last week of the six months. Everyone's a bit jaded. Matt, Sean CW Johnson has an unconsummated love for Emma, Laura Regan which is made fun of by Rex, Kris Lemche, who has a sort of lust for Charlie, Jennifer Sky and Danny, Stephen O'Reilly, sort of loves Emma. But the film oesn't really give too many clues to characters or elationships developed over the previous 5 and 3/4 onths. Like Big Brother, the cameras are everywhere, in the bedroom, in the toilet, but then something else seems to be watching as well. Red herrings are thrown in all over the place and very effective they are too. This original concept by screenwriter David Hilton comes across as a rather sick little film, but it nevertheless works as a thriller. It's been directed with all the right buttons pushed by Welsh-born Marc Evans. It's reality TV for five little Indians. The subtext involves the insidious and anonymous nature of the net and the obsession with the Big Brother, House sort of television. It's quite an ingenious mix of both, but at the end you don't feel cheated necessarily, you just feel empty.