Not long after the partner of officer Hank Rafferty, Steve Zahn, is killed, he is wrongly accused of bashing Earl Montgomery, Martin Lawrence, who has recently been thrown out of the police academy. Hank is dismissed from the force and serves time in prison, so when he meets Earl again there's no love lost between them. Still, they team up to find out who was behind the killing of Hank's partner. Even by the standards of the black/white cop action flick, this is a threadbare effort. It starts with an interesting premise: Earl's phobia about white police is so extreme that he succeeds in having the totally innocent Hank jailed for no reason at all. But this idea is soon shunted aside in favour of the usual dispiriting car chases and shoot-outs. Steve Zahn is an interesting actor, but he's completely wasted here, and Martin Lawrence is just incredibly irritating.