It\'s the story of the unlikely alliance between an ex-con and a short-tempered thug who\'s unhappily estranged from his wife. As bodies pile up, they realize they must work together if they are to survive the brutal Irish underworld.

One doesn\'t count, the other can\'t. Dis-organised crime.

I Went Down - an ambiguous title to say the least - is an Irish-British co-production about an odd couple; Git - Peter McDonald - just out of gaol for a crime he didn`t commit and Bunny - Brendan Gleeson - a dumb thug. Bunny`s imposed on Git as a sort of minder after Git gets into a situation with local hoodlum French - Tony Doyle - and is sent to Cork to pick up a man called Frank Grogan and the twenty-five thousand pounds he`s carrying. The garrulous Frank - Peter Caffrey - proves just as irritating as Bunny in his own way... This film isn`t quite as funny as it might have been, it`s partly my fault because chunks of dialogue were lost in the thick Irish accents. Even so, this road movie cum gangster comedy is on the road a bit too long, I would have taken a short cut in the middle section. The performances are all fine; Git`s a bit too elusive for my taste, but Peter McDonald brings a sort of wounded secrecy to him that ends up being quite touching. The film certainly livens up when Peter Caffrey and Tony Doyle appear, but the heart of this film, which was directed by Paddy Breathnach, is the affectionate story of an odd couple.