Aspiring amateur boxer Bobby (Jon Favreau) and his deadbeat friend Ricky (Vincent Vaughn) hitch a ride to a higher economic plane on the bandwagon of old-time mob boss Max (Peter Falk), who offers them a job going to New York for an instructions-only job. Bobby wants to find a way of moving himself and his lap-dancing single mother girlfriend Jessica (Famke Janssen) out of harm’s way, along with Jessica’s daughter Chloe (Makenzie Vega). But Ricky’s reckless, risky and hedonistic style puts them both in great danger with people like top New York operator, Ruiz (Sean Combs). What chance to be 'made’ for two hapless ducks?

It`s not funny, it`s not tense, it`s not endearing.

Bobby - Favreau - works days as a construction worker and nights minding girlfriend Jessica - Famke Janssen - who works as a lapdancer. But his life is dogged by his friendship with Ricky - Vince Vaughn - a socially inept loudmouth who can`t seem to realise what a loser he is. When Bobby`s jealousy gets the better of him and he takes a punch at one of Jessica`s clients he falls foul of her boss Max - Peter Falk. To make amends he agrees to go to New York with Ricky to do a drop for Max. Ricky takes to the high life of gansterdom with relish, oblivious to the dangers and the power of people like Ruiz - Sean \"Puff Daddy\" Combs.

I must admit I found Made one of the most tedious films of recent times. It`s not funny, it`s not tense, it`s not endearing - what is it apart from being an irritation? The internal logic of the film seems to be largely missing, I can only conclude that Favreau got carried away with Swingers and decided to work the same sort of buddy relationship further. But it`s to decidedly lesser effect this time around.