Maya (Maya Maron) a seventeen-year-old Israeli girl, is hoping for success as a pop singer, but she’s distracted by her worries at home and still mourning the recent death of her father. Her mother (Orly Silbersatz Banai) an overworked midwife, is struggling emotionally, and expects Maya to do much of the work of looking after her younger siblings Ido (Daniel Magon) and Bahr (Eliana Magon). Maya’s brother Yair (Nitai Gaviratz) has responded to the tragedy in his own way, by dropping out of school and adopting a nihilistic philosophy which views human beings as 'specks of dust". Over a twenty-four hour period, the stress becomes too much for everyone, triggering a further crisis which leads all the family members to a moment of realisation.

An ordinary Israeli family coping with everyday life.

Dafna (Orly Silbersatz Banai) is trying to hold her family together while working a demanding job as a midwife. But there's something wrong at the heart of her Haifa-based family. To begin with Dad's missing, we only learn why quite a way into the film, then there's Maya who's losing patience with her mother because her ambitions of being a pop star are being put on hold because of her babysitting duties. Her twin brother Yair (Mitai Garivatz) is too busy being a mouse-suited nihilist to care for anyone, althought he's incredibly nice to his baby sister Bahr (Eliana Magon), who still wets the bed. But when younger brother Ido gets into trouble the family has to do a bit of reassessment.

This enormously touching film is very simple in structure with its story of a family coming to terms with itself after intense grief. It's distinguished by some top performances. Interestingly written and directed by first time feature director Nir Bergman this Israeli film reminds you that millions of people live in that country, leading normal lives, struggling with the day-to-day. It's an affecting film that's been well conceived by it's writer/director.

Comments by David Stratton:
A very touching film about a bereaved family suffering from the traumas of the loss of a husband and father. Beautifully acted and interesting, too, in that the Middle East conflict, which must surely oppress these people on a day to day basis, is never mentioned.

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1 hour 27 min