One morning in June 1993, a Bosnian soldier, finds himself in a trench in the middle of no man’s land, after a skirmish with Serbs. Two Serb soldiers sent to check out the situation get trapped with him and his wounded buddy Cera (Filip Å ovagoviÁ¦). There is no way out without being shot. The Serbs booby trap the wounded Cera so he can’t move. When the younger Serb soldier, Nino (Rene Bitorajac), equalises the stand off with Áˆiki, he and his former neighbour – now on the opposing side – try to survive in the midst of an insane situation in a hideous war. Journalist Jane Livingstone (Katrin Cartlidge) triggers the involvement of UN peacekeepers led by a well-meaning but frustrated Sgt Marchand (Georges Siatidis) – to little avail.

An Oscar-winning black comedy on the Bosnia and Herzegovina conflict of 1993.

No Man`s Land opens with an eerie scene in darkness - voices are heard as a Bosnian patrol advances through the fog and as the light of day begins to dawn they realise they`ve strayed too close to Serb lines. There`s a bloody gun-battle, leaving one Bosnian, Chiki, Brancko Djuric, to hide out in a trench with the apparently dead body of his mate. Then, a couple of Serbs show up - one of them booby traps the body so that it`ll explode if it`s moved - but he`s soon killed by Chiki leaving his slightly wounded mate, Nino, Rene Bitorajac. Now there`s an impasse: two men who speak the same language, who used to be neighbours, who may even have shared the same girlfriend at one time, are now sworn enemies trapped in No Man`s Land...Bosnian Danis Tanovic`s Oscar winning anti war film brilliantly uses the blackest of black humour to probe the madness of the wars that plagued the Balkans in the 90s - the film is both tense and humane, bitter and yet strangely funny. Tanovic takes on the international media, personified by Katrin Cartlidge`s tv reporter, and the U.N. - a sympathetic French officer, Georges Siatidis, and a pompous blimp of a Brit, Simon Callow. Tanovic pulls no punches in his beautifully made, deadly serious film about the madness that occurs when neighbour fights neighbour. No Man`s Land is essential viewing.