Alejandro Amenabar came to the attention of Tom Cruise with his Spanish film Open Your Eyes which Cruise has remade in English as Vanilla Sky, with Cameron Crowe directing and himself starring with Penelope Cruz. Meanwhile Tom Cruise was interested in producing Amenabar`s next screenplay with his then wife, Nicole Kidman as its star. It`s called The Others and it`s a ghostly thriller...It`s the dying days of World War 2 on the Channel Island of Jersey. Kidman plays Grace, mother of Anne - Alakina Mann and Nicholas - James Bentley. Her husband has been reported missing in action which does nothing to alleviate the gloom of the isolated mansion where they live. But the gloom is deliberate because Anne and Nicholas both suffer from a photosensitive allergy, sunlight could kill them. Curtains are drawn and unused rooms are locked. Unexpectedly three new servants arrive presumably to replace the ones who disappeared a week ago - a nanny, Fionnula Flanagan, an old gardener, Eric Sykes and a young mute maid. Grace seems very uptight and refuses to believe the children when they tell her that other people have invaded the house...Stylishly directed by Amenabar who has created a creepy mood by working on the principle that less is more, and using tremendously effective cinematography by Javier Aguirresarobe The Others is a very satisfying supernatural thriller. Performances are all solid but Alakina Mann and James Bentley as the children are particularly good with their pale faces and huge eyes inviting empathy for the scary world they inhabit. There`s a certain monotony of rhythm to the film and also a slight coldness, but that could have been the chills running up and down my back.Comments From David StrattonGenuinely creepy ghost story, with a fine performance from Nicole Kidman and expert direction from Alejandro Amenebar.