Director Carl Franklin has been floundering since his auspicious debut feature One False Move His last film was High Crimes, and now comes Out of Time starring Denzel Washington as a Florida Police chief caught between a rock & a hard place. His marriage to Alex, Eva Mendes, is over; his lover is found murdered; Half a million dollars in drug money is missing from the Police safe and all the evidence is pointing at him...and to top it all off the detective in charge of the investigation is non other than his estranged wife. Despite an overloaded, nonsensical plot and inconsistencies of character the film does build some suspence ? can you believe it ? because we, the willing victims are prepared to leave our sense of disbelief with the usherette. Denzel, who?d worked with director Franklin before on the much more substantial Devil in a Blue Dress, tends to convince whatever he does, Eva Mendes is wildly attractive as the involved investigating officer but the film is actually made more enjoyable by John Billingsley?s performance as Chae, the forensic doctor who just wants to suck on a beer and be convivial.