Choreographer come director Adam Shankman tries to show us the paternal side of Vin Diesel.Vin Diesel plays undercover Navy Seal Lt. Shane Wolfe. While under his protection a government scientist is killed and Vin is wounded. On his release from hospital he is assigned to protect the children of said scientist. Their mother is in Switzerland retrieving the key that will open the secrets to Ghost, an invention of her late husbands that could put the whole world in nuclear jeopardy. Enemy spies are lurking ready to pounce on the children but that?s not the only dilemma facing Lt Wolfe. He has replaced his weapons for baby bottles, diapers, Girl Scout cookies and also has to navigate his way through a mine field of teenage angst. The reinvention of Vin Diesel from XXX action hero to sensitive nanny has so much formula in the mix that any intelligent audience will find themselves chocking very quickly. Even the appearance of funny guy Brad Garret does little to relieve the tension of this awkward comedy. Endless slapstick and toilet humor literally spirals out of control and into the ultimate Kindergarten copout. The only thing they got right about this movie is the title, The Pacifier. It sucks.