The relationship between Anna (Jacqueline McKenzie) and David (Aaron Blabey) is tested when the wealthy but iconoclastic gentleman, Edward (Chris Haywood) enters Anna's life. His worldliness and seductive charm awakens in Anna a consciousness that has a dramatic impact on her relationship with David. She embarks on an intimate journey of self-discovery and physical fulfilment to finally arrive at a deeper, more profound understanding of her inner needs ... and the necessity for human touch and need for love.

Paul Cox's least likeable project so far.

Writer/director Paul Cox is one of Australia's most prolific filmmakers. With movies such as Innocence, Man of Flowers and My First Wife, he's secured an international reputation. Human Touch, starring Chris Haywood, is Cox's 21st feature.

a cynical male fantasy

My difficulty with Human Touch is that I didn't connect with any of the characters enough to want to become part of their lives. Their concerns about love and art seem distant and hollow. But in particular, I was irritated by the relationship between Anna and the older male artist, Edward. Which is a problem, because the film is essentially about their connection. He's the worldly male who leads her on an intimate voyage of self-discovery. Give me a break. This is a cynical male fantasy and I don't need to hear an older man telling me – as I wilt under his wisdom – what a woman really needs. I think we can figure it out for ourselves.

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1 hour 37 min