Matty (Barry Pepper) is the only son of Brooklyn mobster Benny \"the Chains\" (Dennis Hopper). Considered too sensitive for mob work, but unable to find a regular job, Matty finally gets a chance to join his dad\'s organisation when he agrees to arrange transport of half a million dollars across the country. When it winds up lost in a small Montana town, Matty and his assortment of tough-guy pals (played by Andrew Davoli, Seth Green, and Vin Diesel) are forced to fly out there, tangle with the locals, and find the money before their disappointed elders come to get them, guns blazing.

A heist film that has been on the shelf for two years, you can see why...

Matty, Barry Pepper, son of New York wiseguy Benny Demaret, Dennis Hopper, wants to impress his old man. With the help of his uncle Teddy, John Malkovich, he persuades his Dad to let him take care of a half million dollar payout to be collected from Spokane, Washington. Matty sends his buddy, Johnny, Seth Green, who flies a light plane, to make the pick-up, but, while refueling in a small Montana airport on the way home, Johnny loses the money. Matty and his buddies, Taylor, Vin Diesel and Chris, Andrew Davoli, head for Montana to help retrieve the loot, but they soon run foul of corrupt sheriff, Tom Noonan.

This film was made two years ago and is presumably only getting a belated release now because Vin Diesel\'s star is in the ascendancy. It\'s a perfectly average, post-Tarantino, fish-out-of-water gangster movie, quite predictable but given a certain freshness by the wide open spaces of the Montana sequences. Writers and directors Brian Koppelman and David Levien have certainly managed to assemble a strong cast for this minor and instantly forgettable effort.