Love it or hate it ? the latest version of Phantom of the Opera is based on Andrew Lloyd Webber?s hit 80s stage musical. The Phantom is the disfigured musical genius (played by Gerard Butler) living in the catacombs of the famous Paris Opera House. He's been secretly tutoring and obsessively falling for chorus girl, Christine (Emmy Rossum). The Phantom orchestrates her rise to leading lady but becomes enraged when Christine's heart instead goes to Rauol (Patrick Wilson) and he plots his revenge. This lavish film musical leaves out nothing from the original stage production - the sets, the music, the costumes are extravagant. Detractors will perhaps gag at the idea that they might actually enjoy themselves, but I promise ? you?ll find it difficult not to hum along to Joel Schumacher's Phantom Of The Opera. It?s surprisingly fabulous and superbly melodramatic. And all I can say to the cynics is - just go with it!