France's Chief Inspector (Kevin Kline) summons Inspector Clouseau (Steve Martin) to solve the murder of a famous soccer coach, and the robbery of his pink diamond. Clouseau does not realise however that the Chief Inspector is simply using him as a front.


Now to one of cinema's wackiest inventions, Inspector Clouseau - made unforgettable by Peter Sellers and director Blake Edwards. The remake of The Pink Panther is directed by Shawn Levy, who made Cheaper by the Dozen, and stars Steve Martin as the clumsy French policeman. When world famous soccer coach Yves Gluant - Jason Statham is murdered and his famed Pink Panther diamond is stolen Chief Inspector Dreyfus-Kevin Kline sees the opportunity of solving the crime thus ensuring he is finally awarded the elusive Medal of Honor. Needing a decoy Dreyfus appoints Inspector Jacques Clouseau -Steve Martin and provides him with a secretary Nicole- Emily Mortimer and a partner Gilbert Ponton - Jean Reno to keep an eye on Clouseau while investigating the suspects including the victim's girlfriend pop star Xania ' Beyonc' Knowles. I can hear Peter Sellers screaming from the beyond grave this contemporary version lacks much of the wit and humor of the original. Steve Martin simply mimics his way through, without the subtleties that made Peter Seller's Clouseau so remarkable. Emily Mortimer and Kevin Klein are totally miscast too and they know it, constantly misplacing their accents. Slapstick humor, fart jokes and even the appearance of Viagra just proves how low the bar has been set in this supposedly cleaned up and family friendly version. It doesn't matter if you have seen the originals or not, this film is just not funny.