Docking pilot Fry (Radha Mitchell) is forced to make a crash landing on an unfamiliar planet... she`s one of the survivors as is lawman Johns (Cole Hauser), his prisoner Riddick (Vin Diesel) a convicted murderer, a dealer in antiquities - Lewis Fitzgerald, a Muslim cleric - Keith David -and three pilgrims, geologist Claudia Black and teenage runaway Rhiana Griffith... The whole planet seems dead but there`s something ominous about a deserted research station. The motley crew actually have company, aggressive little critters that only come out at night - the bad news is they`re heading for an eclipse - a long one...Pitch Black is pretty much standard fodder for this sort of movie - who`s going to be the next to die? And how gruesome will it be? But despite its derivative nature it still has its thrilling moments... Radha Mitchell is solid as Fry and Vin Diesel whom we`re about to see much more of on screen I suspect lends a certain charisma to Riddick. But character development is not really the main focus of this flic. It`s visually interesting, the burnt-out monochromatic look during the supposedly safe daylight lends a satisfyingly unsettled feel.