The vampire, Lestat, Stuart Townsend, decides that the cult of ugliness that pervades in the new millenium is just his cup of blood, so he emerges from the grave to be the lead singer in a goth band. More than that, he comes out of the vampire closet, telling all the world that he`s an immortal bloodsucker - and this upsets other vampires, who don`t appreciate the spotlight of publicity. Meanwhile, Jesse, Marguerite Moreau, a researcher into vampires, becomes besotted with sexy Lesty when she reads his diaries...Interview With The Vampire, was made eight years ago and starred Tom Cruise as Lestat. Inventively directed by Neil Jordan, it at least had the benefit of a different take on the vampire legend. The return of Lestat in Queen Of The Damned is a much less auspicious affair. Lacking even the basic thrills and chills of the most routine Hammer Dracula sequel, the film relies heavily on a campy visual style. The director is Australian Michael Rymer, whose superb Angel Baby was a multi-AFI Award winner a few years ago and who went on to make a classy action thriller, In Too Deep, in America (which, sadly, the distributor didn`t release in cinemas here). Rymer made this new film in Melbourne, and it boasts a high level of technical artistry - amazing sets by Graham `Grace` Walker, classy widescreen photography by Ian Baker. But the characters are tiresome, the plot is dreary and the presence of the late Aaliyah, in a rather brief role as the vampire queen brought back to life for the film`s climax, doesn`t save this unexciting affair.

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