Betty Sizemore (Renée Zellweger) is one of the millions addicted to the daytime soap, A Reason to Love, whose star is George McCord playing Dr Dave Ravell (Greg Kinnear). Betty is married to sleazy user Del (Aaron Eckhart), but fantasizes about Dr Ravell. When Del tries pulling a shady deal with Charlie (Morgan Freeman) and his sidekick Wesley (Chris Rock), things go bad to worse – and as Betty accidentally witnesses from the other room, Del is deleted. The shock sends her into a strange, fully aware coma, in which her fantasy about Dr Ravell becomes real – and blocking out the traumatic and bloody reality – she sets out to find her Dr Ravell, who she imagines is an ex-fiancé. Charlie and Wesley set off after her, thinking she has the drugs Del didn’t deliver. Things really unravel when Betty finds Dr Ravell.

Nurse Betty succeeds because it grounds its characters in their own weird reality.

Betty - Renee Zellweger - isn`t a nurse but she thinks she is. She went into a traumatised state after seeing her swinish husband Del - Aaron Eckhart - scalped and murdered by two enforcers who are searching for a missing drug haul. Betty`s really a waitress in small town Kansas, the state that`s famous in cinema for transporting young women into other worlds. She`s addicted to the daily TV hospital soap A Reason To Love and particularly drawn towards its hero Dr. David Ravell - Greg Kinnear. In her altered state she forgets her life with Del and sets off for Los Angeles to find Dr. Ravell, convinced he`s her long-lost fiance?. And not far behind her are the two enforcers Charlie - Morgan Freeman and Wesley Chris Rock.

This film is an original. Very cleverly written by stand-up comedian John C. Richards and his collaborator James Flamberg. Nurse Betty succeeds because it grounds its characters in their own weird reality. It also has a swag of terrific performances - Renee Zellweger shines as the innocent Betty, Chris Rock as Wesley is a terrific manic counterpoint to Morgan Freeman who`s rock solid as a dangerous man who discovers his soft side through Betty. The collision of Betty`s fantasy with the real world of television soap opera comes off brilliantly. I`m a real fan of LaBute, he embraces dangerous terrain in films and I love that.