There are a lot of ways of looking at this trilogy: the adventures of John J. Rambo, the lone Vietnam-vet continually used and abused by his beloved country. Now some will argue that its nothing more than a shallow pool of of testosterone, anabolic steroids and napalmI, however, maintain, that beneath the big guns, and even bigger pecs, The Rambo Trilogy is, in fact, a very fascinating social portrait of post-vietnam, cold-war fatigue. Furthermore, once you get past some of the less subtle narrative techniques (think: machete) this saga is , essentially, quite a personal story about rejection and finding peace?However, most importantly?where are the features? Come on, surely we could?ve used a in-depth behind-the-scenes look at Sly?s Method Acting, or at the very least even some trailers. Box Set:First BloodFirst Blood Part II (I wonder if it occurred to anyone to call it ?Second Blood?)Rambo IIISpecial Features:* Zip* Nada* Zilch