Wealthy casino owner Donald Sinclair, John Cleese, delights in risking vast sums of money on extravagant bets with his wealthy clients. His latest idea is to have a clutch of people selected at random race one another from Las Vegas to Silver City, New Mexico, where the goal is a bag containing $2 million in a railway station locker. The eager and increasingly desperate treasure hunters include an eccentric Italian, Rowan Atkinson, who suffers from narcolepsy, manic brothers Seth Green and Vince Vieluf, football referee Cuba Gooding Jr., Jewish family man Jon Lovitz, a woman, Whoopi Goldberg, just reunited with her long-lost daughter, Lanai Chapman, and a lawyer who reckons he`s above it all, Breckin Meyer. As the chase gets more and more hectic, the increasingly determined and obsessed competitors resort to the most unlikely ways to get to their destination first. This unacknowledged re-working of Stanley Kramer`s 1963 comedy It`s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World is, rather surprisingly, a lot of fun. Director Jerry Zucker, who, since his involvement in Flying High, has been a dab hand at this kind of thing, has come up with some of the liveliest slapstick seen in a year strewn with disappointing comedies. I laughed till I cried at some of the wilder scenes in this very endearing and inventive farce which, though it`s about 10 minutes too long, is well worth seeing if you just want a good laugh.

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1 hour 52 min