Leo (Kevin McKidd) intends to spend his 30th birthday on his own, with take away and the telly for company – but his friends, lovers, ex-lovers etc, have a surprise party waiting for him, prompting a flashback to his recent affairs and adventures of the heart as he explores his sexuality, as do his lovers. He even goes to a New Age men’s group, where he falls for a straight guy, Brendan (James Purefoy), who is on the rebound from a broken relationship with Sally (Jennifer Ehle). His flatmate Darren (Tom Hollander) has a series of kinky encounters with his lover Jeremy (Hugo Weaving) a real estate agent with the keys to strangers’ homes where to conduct these clandestine assignations.

Re-model Your Love Life.

Leo - Kevin McKidd - is disgusted to arrive home to a surprise thirtieth birthday party with all the people he least feels like seeing. He thinks his flatmate Darren - Tom Hollander - should have known better. Darren`s flamboyantly gay and has been having increasingly risky sexual liaisons with real estate agent Jeremy - Hugo Weaving - in Jeremy`s client`s houses. Leo is also gay but agrees to go along with business partner Adam to a New Age men`s encounter group run by Keith - Simon Callow - which is strictly hetero. Leo upsets that balance by confessing while holding the honesty stone that he has physical feelings towards fellow group member Brendan - James Purefoy. The plot gets even more complicated when Leo discovers that Brendan is in the process of breaking up with Leo`s high school sweetheart Sally - Jennifer Ehle... This delicious comedy is marked by terrific performances, a clever screenplay from Robert Farrer and wryly humourous direction that`s full of zest from Troche. Tom Hollander is wonderful as Darren, a role that could so easily have been a cliche and Hugo Weaving is divinely lecherous as his lover. Kevin McKidd of Trainspotting fame balances Hollander with a lovely naturalism that works well in the group situations. Simon Callow and Harriet Walter, who plays his therapist wife have some hilarious moments. The film contemplates the blurring of sexual preferences in the search for love in a way that`s very endearing and entertaining... Davids Comments Sweet-natured, likable film about at times confused sexual relationships. Well acted, with Hugo Weaving rather oddly cast but effective as a randy real estate agent. The New Age jokes are a bit old hat.