Remember the name: Rick de Oliveira. He directed Tge Real Cancun (it rhymes with 'hoon') and he and his colleagues have come up with what they claim to be the first reality feature film. The inspiration, if that's the word, is reality TV which, so far, I've managed not to watch. What happens in this film is that a bunch of young people in their late teens and early 20s congregate at a Mexican beach resort. They're not actors (you won't be at all surprised about that) and there was no script. This is Real Life. And Real Life, it seems, consists of getting totally drunk, indulging in wet t-shirt and bare bum competitions, chattering about the most inane things and, occasionally, having sex, though in the latter department the film is terribly coy. De Oliveira and co don't have an ounce of the courage and honesty of the much maligned Larry Clark. This is a sleazy, depressing film, in which just about the only 'story' features a virginal kid who's never touched liquor and how he gets corrupted. This is not a good advertisement for the American Way of Life - the depressing thing is that much the same thing probably goes on here too, but at least we don't make bad films about it. The recent Aussie Schoolies Week movie, Blurred, was Citizen Kane compared to this.

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