Fifty years from now, politicians have allowed the Earth to become so poisoned that relocating the population to Mars has become a matter of urgency. A unit, sent to the red planet to grow algae and thus create oxygen, seems to be malfunctioning, so the first manned spacecraft is sent to investigate. While captain Bowman, Carrie-Ann Moss, waits in orbit in the damaged spacecraft, a 5-man team makes a bumpy landing, crippling the philosophic Chantilas, Terence Stamp. The four survivors soon make some startling discoveries.... Largely filmed around Coober Pedy, and with a signifcant Australian content among the crew, plus actor Simon Baker, Red Planet suffers from a poor script and sluggish development. The first 40 minutes are close to interminable, and as with the equally disappointing Supernova, the most interesting character is the first one to be killed off. Amee, a clever little robot which turns violent and nasty, is the film`s only really interesting creation; otherwise the red filters bathing everything add to the air of heaviness, as do the performances of Val Kilmer and Tom Sizemore. And what sort of cheek is it naming the Carrie-Ann Moss character after one of the astronauts in Kubrick`s great 2001? Compared to this sluggish affair, Brian DePalma`s generally vilified Mission To Mars looks better and better.