I imagine lots of frustrated mothers, career mothers will respond to Riding in Cars with Boys because it`s about 15 year old Beverley Donofrio, Drew Barrymore, who falls pregnant to deadbeat, wrong side of tracks person Ray, Steve Zahn, who turns out to be not everyone`s ideal partner. Beverley is an obsessive, established early on with her father, James Woods, when he wants to buy her a bicycle for Christmas and all she wants is a bra to impress the boy of her dreams. And it`s her obsession with another boy that leads to her encounter with Ray and the birth of - not the planned daughter, but a son Jason who`s played in later life by Adam Garcia and as a young thing by Cody Arens. Although the film seems to want to be about other things, it is at heart about the relationship between Beverley and her son......Adapted from the central character`s memoirs and to her credit, if we are to believe the film, honest to a fault, Riding in Cars With Boys fails to engage its central premise. Bravely and unsympathetically played by Drew Barrymore aging from 15 to early thirties, the central character never truly connects with audiences, even though we can identify with her frustration and her lack of maternal instincts. There`s so much truth in the film, so much potentially good substance here, so many good performances - Lorraine Bracco is a delight to see on screen again and Steve Zahn is terrific as the luckless husband - that you regret the misfire by screenwriter Morgan Upton Ward and by director Penny Marshall.