Here's one straight out of left field: from the makers of Dumb and Dumber - the Farrelly Brothers - and with the approval of the Special Olympics, Johnny Knoxville impersonates a disabled athlete in The Ringer. When employee and friend Stavi (Luis Avalos) loses his fingers in a mowing accident, Steve Barker (Johnny Knoxville) needs to get a hold of some fast money. He's talked into 'fixing' the Special Olympics by his Uncle Gary (Brian Cox) who is also having financial worries due to his gambling. Desperate, Steve transforms himself into disabled athlete, 'Jeffy Dahmer', but this is not going to be as easy as he thought. He has to convince his fellow athletes and Special Olympics volunteer Lynn Sheridan (Katherine Heigl), and beat six-time Gold Medalist, Jimmy (Leonard Flowers). I loved the spirit in which this film was made, managing to tackle this sensitive subject with a fine blend of subversive humor and real insight. Johnny Knoxville is a surprise extending his comedic ranger into the dramatic with a risky but ultimately brilliant performance. But the truth lies with the supporting cast, making it difficult to tell the actors from the real Special Olympic athletes. The Ringer is not what you would expect from its producers the Farrelly Brothers. Sure, there's quite a bit of slapstick, but primarily it's an all out assault on political correctness, inspiring us to take another look at how we see the disabled.