Rodney Copperbottom voiced by Ewan McGregor, dreams up inventions that can help robots every where. His inspiration is Big Weld - Mel Brooks - a master inventor whose TV show calls for young innovators. But by the time Rodney travels to Robot City, Big Weld has been replaced by slick corporate upstart Ratchet - Greg Kinnear. HIS policy is to get rid of outmoded bots by scrapping spare parts and selling expensive up grades instead. Rodney joins The Rusties, a group of misfits led by Robin Williams as the off the wall Fender. The design influences of Robots took me back to the cartoons of my childhood - art deco, retro 50s and a sleek futuristic style. The snappy script and hilarious use of innuendo will not only keep kiddies entertained but will also give parents something to snigger about. Pixar and DreamWorks had better keep an eye on production company Blue Sky, because Robots will certainly give them a run for their money.