Mark Wahlberg, once the popstar Marky Mark is working class Chris Cole, an obsessive fan of the iconic 80`s heavy metal band Steel Dragon. He`s such a purist about reproducing their sound exactly he alienates the other guys in his tribute band Blood Pollution who want to branch out to do their own thing, so they decide to do without him. Walking away with him is long time girlfriend Emily, Jennifer Anniston. But one door closes, another opens. The phone rings and it`s the lead guitarist of Steel Dragon, Kirk Cuddy, Dominic West. Their lead singer is out and Chris has a chance of living his dream.....The insistent brotherhood of the band which involves sex, drugs as well as the rock `n roll ultimately leads to Emily departing. But she maintains a sweet dignity throughout, never brawling about her exclusion from the good life. And that`s the thing about this film, it`s just a sweet story, not a particularly revelatory one but it`s funny, Timothy Spall as Steel Dragon`s road manager has a beautiful wryness about him, and for my money it`s the best thing Stephen Herek has directed. The concert sequences are terrific, it moves at a charismatic pace, Mark Wahlberg is perfect as the Pittsburgh boy who finds it hard to lose his naivete and Jennifer Anniston is actually very believable as his gritty girlfriend. It`s good fun.