Rob, a celebrity photographer, is in hot pursuit of a lucrative shot of the Princess of Wales. Meanwhile, Diana Spencer, an Australian who shares the same name and birthday as the real Princess wins a trip to London via a women\'s magazine. The duo cross paths and work together to try to come face to face with the Princess.

Timing unfortunate but characters are neither likeable nor interesting.

The timing of the Australian film Diana and Me was unfortunate with the death of the Princess of Wales in August. A re-shoot which bookends the film acknowledges the tragedy. It`s about an Australian girl called Diana Spencer played by Toni Colette who wins a Woman`s Day competition to fly to London for five days with a chance to meet the Princess ..... Diana`s engaged to Mark - Malcolm Kennard - who works for his Dad`s construction company in Wollongong and he goes with her. Of course it`s all a furphy - the chance to meet Princess Diana is at a luncheon attended by hundreds of other people, Diana finds herself caught up in the melee of the press. A disturbance results and she`s carted off to the local constabulary with papparazo Rob, played by Dominic West... The film is about the very people who made the Princess what she became to millions - the press photographer who chases her all around London for that rare shot, and the fan who`s avid for every detail of the Princess`s life. This is a problem, because these two characters are not particularly likeable. Diana is an obsessive and ultimately selfish person; Rob, scruffily handsome, is also obsesssive and ultimately uninteresting. Malcolm Kennard`s Mark is the most likeable of the lot, and Kennard delivers with his performance. I`m not usually a person who notices continuity blunders but there is one major one in Diana and Me that is made all the more obvious because of Toni Collette`s unflattering and eye-catching hairstyle, and the red sneakers she wears must be burned. Director David Parker knows the territory of the film well, he was a stills photographer himself and basically he does a good job with Diana and Me, but as with the performers, he`s working with characters that are neither likeable nor interesting in a romantic comedy that`s neither romantic nor funny.