The story follows the romantic and sexual escapades of Patrick Bateman\'s
younger brother Sean, and his circle of young, wealthy,
self-consciously bohemian university friends.

Set in a small, affluent liberal-arts university in present-day New
England, USA, where three students with no plans for the future - or
even the present - become entangled in a curious romantic triangle.
This is a startlingly funny, kaleidoscopic story that follows the
complex, interpolated mating rituals of modern American university
students, mixing sex, drugs, music and mayhem into a unique structure
of multiple narratives.



The Rules of Attraction is an interesting one, it's not the airhead Hollywood movie you might expect from the title. It's based on a book by Brett Easton Ellis of American Psycho fame and it's been adapted to the screen by Roger Avary who made Killing Zoe way back in '94 and who co-wrote Pulp Fiction with Tarantino. Sean Bateman (yes he's the younger brother of Patrick from American Psycho) played by James Van Der Beek is a drug-dealing student in a yuppie New England college who's besotted with Lauren, Shannyn Sossamon, because he thinks she's the one whose been dropping love notes in his mailbox. Lauren is trying to keep herself for Victor, Kip Pardue, who's holidaying in Europe. Before a party she turns herself off sex by looking at graphic pictures of the effects of venereal disease. Meanwhile Paul, Ian Somerhalder, lives in hope that Sean is actually bi. We're introduced to these three at an End of the World party where Lauren loses her virginity in a very unromantic way and then the film winds backwards to pick up each of the other two and we then go back in time to see what led to this moment. It's visual gimmicry from Avary and it gives the film an idiosyncratic energy. This is a world of cynicism and ennui, of hedonistic self-interest and alienation, and at times it's very funny, at others quite disgusting. The highlights are Victor's whirlwind tour of Europe on speed and sex and Russell Sams' tour de force spin-out at lunch when Paul visits his mother played by Faye Dunaway. At least I wasn't bored.

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1 hour 50 min
Wed, 06/10/2009 - 11