Rumour Has It is set 3 decades later in the family who may have inspired The Graduate. It's directed by When Harry Met Sally's Rob Reiner. Sarah Huttinger - Jennifer Aniston - and her new fianc'e Jeff - Mark Ruffalo - fly to Pasadena for her sister's wedding. That's when Grandmother - Shirley MacLaine - reveals the dark secret that links her family to The Graduate. Sarah's emotions go into overdrive as she searches for a copy of the film. She's often felt she doesn't belong, and this holds her back from committing to Jeff. Perhaps the film holds the key to her true identity. The search leads her to Beau Burroughs - Kevin Costner - the man her mother ran off with days before her wedding ' An impressive ensemble cast elevates this fairly pedestrian script, especially the scene stealing Shirley McLaine, perfectly cast as the inspiration for Mrs. Robinson. Jennifer Aniston brings plenty of humour and elegance to the screen with Costner doing an excellent job as well. Writer Ted Griffin's gimmick of hitching his wagon to a successful cult film certainly sparked my curiosity but sadly, Rumour Has It is no master piece. Maybe part of the trouble is the fact that Ted was slated to be the original director but was pulled without the cast being aware. He was replaced by Rob Reiner who's track record has been in decline since his incredible success with This is Spinal Tap and When Harry Met Sally. It's a lightweight romantic comedy, that won't last the distance The Graduate has. Still, if you're looking for some inoffensive escapism, here it is.