A US senator\'s daughter, Megan Rose (Mika Boorem) is kidnapped by criminal mastermind Gary Soneji (Michael Wincott). Soneji is not out for ransom - his ambition is to be credited in history books with the \"crime of the century\". Washington, D.C. police detective and forensic psychologist Alex Cross (Morgan Freeman) is lured out of retirement and joins Secret Service agent Jezzie Flannigan (Monica Potter) on the search for Soneji the missing child.

Quite a tasty thriller, with some well handled suspense scenes.

Washington police detective Alex Cross, Morgan Freeman, is shattered by the death of his female partner when their attempt to arrest a dangerous sex offender goes wrong. He`s still getting over it when he gets a mysterious phone call which involves him in a kidnapping: the young daughter of a politician has been snatched from the smart private school she was attending by, of all people, her teacher, Michael Wincott. With the assistance of Jezzie Flannigan, a federal agent who was assigned to guard not only the missing child, but also the son of the Russian President, another pupil at the school, Alex finds himself in the middle of a frantic search for a ruthless killer...

Along Came A Spider
stars Morgan Freeman as the same character he played a couple of years ago in Kiss The Girls, another screen adaptation of a James Patterson crime novel. The new film, directed by Kiwi Lee Tamahori, is better than the earlier one; it`s quite a tasty thriller, with some well handled suspense scenes and a couple of twists which should catch even the hardened thriller-lover off guard. But it`s spoilt by the casting of Monica Potter - it`s not that she`s bad - she just looks far too young to be a federal agent, and a fairly hard boiled one at that.

Michael Wincott creates a nicely creepy character as the lethal kidnapper, and young Mika Boorem is excellent as the little girl in jeopardy. There haven`t been too many good thrillers lately, so it`s a pity that that crucial bit of miscasting spoils this one.

Comments from Margaret Pomeranz
After a splendid debut with Once Were Warriors, a bit of a miss with Mulholland Falls, Lee Tamahori takes on the sequel to Kiss the Girls and achieves a moderate success. The problem with the film is its convoluted story with credibility gaps opening up at a rate of knots. It\'s a run-of-the-mill thriller with a super opening sequence and some nice moments along the way. Monica Potter fails to convince in her role but Morgan Freeman brings ballast to any film he appears in these days, his gravelly voice reassuring us that not all is lost. This is pretty much a popcorn movie, once digested it?s easily forgotten.