Harvey, Hugo Weaving, is a struggling writer who pays the bills by working as a private eye. When his latest investigation reveals that his own girlfriend is cheating on him, he goes into a deep, boozy depression. Then his best friend, Ethan, David Wenham, a happily married man, asks Harvey to do him a favour; Ethan has met a new arrival from Russia, Katia, Natalia Novikova, and has fallen head over heels in lust with her. Still in love with his wife, Miriam, Rebecca Frith, but reluctant to lose his sexy mistress, Ethan asks Harvey to let Katia share his bachelor apartment so that he can pursue his affair. From there on, things get complicated..Writer-director Stavros Kazantzidis and co-writer Allanah Zitserman have come up with an engaging latter-day screwball comedy with Ruddian Doll, which is traditionally plotted but beautifully acted. The basic idea - take a couple who dislike one another and throw them together until, inevitably, they fall in love - is far from new, but it comes up fresh here thanks to the brisk playing, the strong cast, and delightful surprises, like the appearance of Sacha Horler as a clingy Russian friend of Katia who latches on to the unwilling Harvey. There are lively songs and music on the soundtrack, and there`s plenty of fun to be found in this very likeable romance.