Sahara stars Matthew McConaughey and Steve Zahn, as action hero, Dirk Pitt and his best buddy Al. They travel the globe searching for lost artifacts. But Pitt?s long time mission is to find a notorious battleship that vanished during the American civil war. The quest leads them to West Africa and Penelope Cruz, who plays Eva Rojas - a Doctor investigating a deadly virus. The trio join forces - to find the virus - and the ship, while battling an evil tyrant, a dastardly entrepreneur and lots of sand. Sahara is Indiana Jones - with a bit of James Bond and is everything that last year's, National Treasure wanted to be. Director Breck Eisner ? hand-picked by Spielberg to direct his sci fi series, Taken ? does a great job here, especially the exhilarating action sequences. The story is a bit implausible, but this isn't meant to be taken too seriously. Plus the chemistry and dialogue between Zahn and McConaughey is so entertaining, I felt like giving Zahn a hug by the end of the film.