A spiritual and sensual romance set in the Himalayas. A Buddhist monk emerges from three years of solitary meditation and returns to his monastery a changed man. Despite a life devoted to the rigours of spiritual development, he experiences a profound sexual awakening and a strong attraction to a woman. He pursues a secular life and finds a reality more complex than he imagined.



Tashi, a young Buddhist monk, has undergone a long period of meditation, but his religious life is tormented by his erotic thoughts and dreams. Allowed to venture out into the world beyond his monastery, he finds work on a farm and soon discovers sex in the arms of the farmer`s daughter, whom he marries. Years go by, and his urges are seemingly unabated.

This German-financed film, which was photographed on location in spectacular Ladakh, 15,000 ft up in the Himalayas, is the work of self-taught filmmaker and writer Pan Nalin.

The plot is wafer-thin, especially given the fact that the film is extremely long; the journey of Tashi, played by Shawn Ku, isn`t all that revealing or even all that interesting. But the film is mesmerising for its use of spectacular and rarely seen mountain locations and for its graphic approach to sex - actresses Christy Chung, as the woman Tashi marries, and Neelesha Ba Vora, as the migrant worker with some innovative ideas about love-making, contribute bold performances.

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2 hours 18 min