As a spoof of contemporary horror films, the second Scary Movie is incredibly weak; most of the film is spent listlessly sending up The Haunting and The House On Haunted Hill, which are hardly major targets for satire. So we have a bunch of dull characters getting together in a haunted house and dither around for over an hour getting few laughs and fewer thrills in the process. In fact, the only reason for seeing this turkey is the 8- minute prologue, which is a pretty slick spoof of The Exorcist....Wayans originally wanted Marlon Brando to play the Max Von Sydow role of the exorcising priest; perhaps fortunately for Brando`s reputation, he dropped out and James Woods took over, playing opposite Natasha Lyonne as the possessed child. Though excessively vulgar, this sequence is, at least, mildly funny, which is more than you can say for the rest of Scary Movie 2.