In a futuristic world, an insurance investiagtor (Tim Robbins) embarks on a brief but dangerous affair with a woman (Samantha Morton) wanted for holding a fake DNA identity and passport. He overlooks her crime but soon finds out that she stands accused of violating a reproductive code.

An atmospheric music score leads the way into an emotional love story brimming with tragedy.

The world has become a genetically regulated global village where citizens are identified through \'papelles\' - DNA-specific IDs and passports. Tim Robbins plays insurance investigator William who goes to Shanghai to expose a fatal travel scam. His prime suspect is Maria, the eerily beautiful Samantha Morton. Compelled by fate and/or biology they fall in love, and how. I suspect science fiction aficionados will hate Code 46. The story and Freudian ideas behind than you can poke a stick at. It\'s certainly not a mainstream movie either- its morbid mood is ethereal and obscure, a little like the recent Solaris remake. But I loved that film and I love this one too. Setting this fleshy, ill-fated love story in such starkly banal surroundings carries real resonance in today\'s corporatised world. The key to Code 46 lies in the atmospheric music score by UK group The Free Association, which leads the way into an emotional love story brimming with tragedy.