You`d never have guessed it but five thousand years ago, before the time of the Pyramids, an evil warlord, elevated because of his fighting prowess, is set to take over the world. His name is Memnon - an inauspicious feature film debut by Steven Brand. His power is believed to come from his Sorcerer who turns out to be a very nubile woman, Kelly Hu. One of the last of the Arcadians, reputed to be super assassins, is Mathayus, The Rock - who is given a large number of rubies to kill her. But wouldn`t you know it, there`s a spark of attraction between these two and after a few adventures Mathayus sets his sights firmly on the evil Memnon, for the good of the world, of course....I liked The Mummy films, they were cartoon adventures sure, but with some wit and tension. The Scorpion King is lacking in either of those qualities, it is pure cartoon cut-out adventure - it seems like a particularly uninspired video game adaptation, but no, it`s an original sad to say. The Rock is apparently a wrestling champion and he`s aptly named as an actor. There are really no performances required in this because there are simply no characters, there are merely poses. I`m as ready to enjoy a mindless adventure as anyone, but I do demand a bit more than this offers.

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1 hour 32 min