Telly Paretta (Julianne Moore) is struggling to come to terms with the death of her eight-year-old son... more so, in light of the fact that her husband and doctor both tell her that she is delusional and, in fact, never mothered the child in the first place. However, a parent with similar issues provides a chance to reaffirm Telly\'s sanity.

It\'s a pretty rank movie all round, which gets more dull and ludicrous by the minute.

High anticipation usually greets the news that Julianne Moore is starring in a new film. She is one of America?s great actors as anyone who has seen Boogie Nights (1998), Far From Heaven (2003) or many of the other films in her extensive career can attest. The Forgotten is her latest star vehicle, but sadly it is not one of her best. Not her fault but.The Forgotten sees Julianne Moore play Telly Paretta, a woman traumatised by the loss of her son in a mysterious plane crash a year prior. Mourning his death is further exacerbated when those closest to her - husband Jim (Anthony Edwards) and psychiatrist Dr. Munce (Gary Sinise) - begin to strip Telly of her memories. She has no son she is told. He is merely an elaborate, delusional fantasy that she has fabricated to fill the void in her life. Yeah right is her response. Determined to prove she is not crazy Telly goes on a journey of discovery that not only leads her to another kindred soul Ash (The Wire\'s Dominic West), it also takes her on a wild goose chase towards the\' supernatural\'. Memory loss is such a potent motif in film as some of the more recent movies about amnesia such as Memento (2000), Dark City (1998) and Unforgettable (1996) remind us. But with its lame hints of \'other wordly\' interference The Forgotten bottoms out to become a second rate version of the X-Files. The Forgotten is actually very forgettable, poorly directed and highly derivative. It?s a pretty rank movie all round, which gets more dull and ludicrous by the minute. Without giving too much away though, it should appeal to is extreme bungee jumpers only?

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