Nick (Nivola) and Lissa (Witherspoon) are in love but dying to get out of their hometown of Tropico. When Nick is offered a shady job that would pay enough for the couple to leave, he jumps at the opportunity, but things go wrong and Nick gets in trouble with the local drug dealer. Nick and Lissa then plan to scam the money they need from an old friend, Bryce (Brolin) but once again, things don\'t go as planned. A twisty neo-noir with plot turns galore.

A seemingly simple plan to steal money goes increasingly awry.

In a bar in a small town in Nevada, former college friends Nick, (Alessandro Nivola), and Bryce, (Josh Brolin), are gabbing when a barely seen woman walks in - later that night Bryce, who is house-sitting for a mega-wealthy friend, calls Nick urgently seeking help. He`d picked up the girl in the bar, Reese Witherspoon, and taken her home for sex - only afterwards did she cry rape and claim she was underage. Now she`s his prisoner - he`s not willing to let her go for fear she`ll call the police. And then we go into a flashback - 4 months earlier - and it seems nothing was quite what we thought it was... Best Laid Plans has a clever, post-Tarantino screenplay by Ted Griffin, solid direction by Britisher Mike Barker, and a trio of good performances, with Reese Witherspoon once again confirming what a fine young actress she is. As you`ll have gathered, it`s one of those thrillers with plenty of twists and turns, a film which has been carefully scripted and honed down to the finest detail. Jet black humour suffuses this small-scale, but generally very satisfying thriller.