An Australian teenager is devastated when he learns that his mother has landed a job on a remote island off the mainland and that he must go with her. Upon settling in to his new surroundings he discovers that he is actually a magical creature that is part human and part seal. Before long he embraces his new way of life as a Selkie.


Teenager Jamie (Shimon Moore), moves with his mother, sister and grandfather to an island off the South Australian coast where mum has a job running a marine research station. To his discomfort, Jamie discovers he`s a "selkie" - half human, half seal - that explains the webbing on his hands and also why he changes completely into a seal as soon as he hits water. It`s a bit embarrassing, really. This is a pleasant, innocuous family film, with modest special effects and a mildly uplifting story about ecology and the environment. It seems a bit lightweight, even for family audiences, though the performances are decent enough and Donald Crombie`s direction makes the most of the thin material.Margaret`s comments: There seems to be a fascination around at the moment about human - seal connections. This film, written by Rob George, Directed by Donald Crombie is a pleasant enough experience but is somehow unconvincing in terms of screenplay and design. Budget constraints may have prevented developing a reality to the situation that will sway audiences into believing this unlikely connection. Celine O`Leary`s single mother is a plus, as are the underwater scequences, but as a whole Selkie will possibly only appeal to the very young who may be prepared to go along with the less than credible scenario.

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1 hour 28 min