The hero of Sensitive New Age Killer is a family man, happily married to his childhood sweetheart, father of a cute daughter. But ever since, as a child, he was witness to a killing executed by Snake, a notorious hit man, he`s wanted to be a killer, and he and his partner carry out contract executions in the suburbs of Melbourne. When he`s arrested by a sex-mad policewoman, and finds himself working on the same job as Snake, his life gets a bit complicated..Mark Savage is heavily into genre action films, and he`s made a couple on video before this. John Woo seems to be his inspiration, but Sensitive New Age Killer has a decidedly second-hand feel about it - perhaps it`s that there just wasn`t enough money available to make it, or perhaps we`ve seen it all before, and done better. Performances are adequate, but the humour mostly falls flat and the scenes in which the hero is involved in shoot-outs with heavily armed villains whose bullets regularly go wide of the mark, get a bit tedious.