Jonathan Trager, Cusack, meets Sara Thomson, Kate Beckinsale, when they both head for the last pair of black cashmere gloves in the pre-Christmas buying spree in New York. They?re both charming, they like one another, they have coffee, they acknowledge the attraction. But she, Sara, is into cosmic intervention. If they?re meant to be together the stategem will work. She puts her name and address in the front cover of a book, Love in the Time of Cholera, (and wow should they make a film adaptation of that!), He puts his on a five dollar bill. They put both identifying items into the marketplace. And then suddenly it?s years later, she?s on the cusp of committing to boyfriend, John Corbett, and Jonathan?s about to marry fianc?, Bridget Moynahan. Does that connection all those years ago count? Directed by Peter Chelsom, an expert in eccentric comedy, Serendipity is not only blessed with a naff name, it lives up to its putative reputation. This film just not witty enough, clever enough to engage us, the audience. It?s like Peter Chelsom is making films by numbers. There?s not a lot of originality here. It?s not to say that Cusack and Beckinsale are good, it?s just that they?re not good enough.